20 minutes ago:
$ brew upgrade
==> Upgrading 69 outdated packages:
proj 5.0.1 -> 5.2.0, gnumeric 1.12.42 -> 1.12.43, libtiff 4.0.9_4 -> 4.0.10, geos 3.6.2 -> 3.7.1, jansson 2.11 -> 2.12, postgresql 10.3 -> 11.1, wget 1.19.4_1 -> 1.20.1_3, ffmpeg 4.0 -> 4.1_1, ...
[laptop fan intensifies]


[still going]
==> Installing gdal dependency: gcc
Warning: Building gcc from source

@aparrish @dphiffer Ugh, Homebrew. I stopped using or installing it two years ago and have been noticeably happier.

@migurski @aparrish @dphiffer do you just... compile from source? I can't imagine that making me happier but maybe things are better on MacOS than linux (I've never tried MacOS without homebrew)

@darius @migurski @aparrish was wondering the same thing. I used to be a configure / make / make install purist.

@darius @aparrish @dphiffer Depends on the thing. For a lot of geo stuff like GDAL, PostGIS, and friends there are now great pre-compiled Mac OS packages and executables. Python 3 and Docker you can just download. Data science stuff mostly builds clean with pip. That’s like 80% of my needs right there, the other 20% I now handle with Docker. Homebrew is just not worth the sustained sadness.

@migurski @aparrish @dphiffer ah, for me docker is way more of a sadness source than homebrew but to each their own, obviously!

@darius @migurski @dphiffer i have long since resigned myself to setting aside an afternoon whenever i want to install some software, no matter how trivial the software, just in case; and to the knowledge that any given piece of software will stop working five minutes after i install it, if i so much as exhale or look at it funny

@migurski @darius @aparrish (I ended up uninstalling Homebrew-installed GDAL/PostGIS because who wants to compile gcc from source?? Long live king chaos dot com!)

@dphiffer @darius @aparrish All Hail Kyng Chaos!

I think QGIS.org now offers the same download with a less chaotic-sounding source, and building the GDAL Python bindings against it has been consistently easy for me: github.com/PlanScore/PlanScore

Meanwhile uptown: twitter.com/michalmigurski/sta

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