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A sweet gift for children here in for the upcoming mid-autumn festival. Adults like it, too 😊.

Moving is a breeze when everything you need fits on one scooter and your way is across beautiful Hải Vân pass.

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@emsenn Just read your post on the Consumer Cost of the Bullshit Web… you might “enjoy” this: :)

Experimentally switched to yesterday. Trying to be productive in a new environment is the best way to see if it works out. So far I really enjoy saving that extra set of navigation shortcuts. It feels more sluggish than XMonad, though...

I have a Google account for work, that I carefully only log in to when I need, and log out afterwards. It's so creepy and certainly not intuitive that if you happen to listen to a song on YouTube, this action will be automatically tied to that account.

I'm seeing (actual) recommendations for songs on YouTube for the first time of my life now 😂.

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The most beautiful code I have ever see. It modifies itself to spin a world globe:

Just ordered a second coffee. I guess it's a two-coffee-problem now.

How do you your devices? I've been running `adb backup` + `rsync` for a while now, but I feel it's not a solution I'd recommend to average users. Ideally, root access on the phone should not be required.

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"What emerges is a marriage of database and truncheon—a vision of supple, gleaming technology at the surface of everyday life, working hand in hand with the oldest and most brutal forms of oppression, continuing their unbroken reign in the depths below."
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An interesting story/article describing how much information can be obtained through very basic traffic analysis of a "smart" home's IoT devices:

Someone with more experience could derive far more information.

#privacy #security #iot #metadata #iwillnotspendtimeinyoursmarthome

Played all morning in a busy café in Đà Nẵng. Simply one of the best games I know, and I just discovered it recently.

My instance just got a new home on a new server, upgrading from 11 to 12 on the go. I'm impressed how painless this all was.

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This documentary shows an unsettling big picture of the global dairy industry. It makes me sad how people become people treating living beings as means of production and profit. (in German)

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Nope, it's a runtime configuration thing! Debian sources a global S/Mime configuration that's missing on NixOS, just copying smime.rc fixed it already. Now investigating if I can fix that package properly...

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