Delicious Vietnamese Bánh Mì Trứng for breakfast 😊

Imagine a world where setting a "Do Not Track" setting in your browser would be a (legally) effective way to opt out of tracking and you would never have to see those "Cookie settings" / "We value your privacy" layers anymore, because you've already made your choice.

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#Google setzt EU-Auflagen zur Wahlfreiheit bei Browser und Suchmaschine auf #Android-Mobilgeräten so um, dass alternative Suchmaschinen 1. dafür zahlen müssen, um in der Auswahl zu sein, und 2. jedes Mal zahlen müssen, wenn Nutzer.innen sie wählen.

Das ist mehr als dreist. /c

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From the PostgreSQL manual:

"The first century starts at 0001-01-01 00:00:00 AD, although they did not know it at the time. This definition applies to all Gregorian calendar countries. There is no century number 0, you go from -1 century to 1 century. If you disagree with this, please write your complaint to: Pope, Cathedral Saint-Peter of Roma, Vatican."

It gets increasingly hard to avoid ordering from Amazon. I need three radically different products and already found three different local stores selling them (for a higher price) and three different onlinestores where I'd end up paying three times for shipping. So I either spend an additional 2h + 50 € going around supporting those local stores or bite the bullet... not counting the time I've spent comparing those options.

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🛫 Flying home today. I will see my family for the first time in more than a year. Excited. 😊

Two times a lunar month turns into a vegetarian paradise. Perfect evening to "đi ăn vặt" and have dinner along the streets.

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Using the free wifi at Huế airport just required manually submitting hidden forms on their network login page due to broken ad-related (= unnecessary) javascript...

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🇻🇳 Chúc mừng năm mới! 🇻🇳 Happy year of the pig everyone!

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“I’m against surveillance capitalism but Google’s service is listed first on my app because it is so popular” is the “I’m against the tobacco industry but I offer anyone coming into my home a cigarette because smoking’s so popular” of tech.

If you offer people easy access to cigarettes without so much as a warning about the risks, you might want to reconsider whether you really are against Big Tobacco or whether you’re doing their bidding.

@librelounge Great, "lighter" episode to start the year and really makes me want to try out those games! So far I've only played Globulation 2, which is indeed a lot of fun.

Btw, Endless Sky is missing from the show links, too:

@mray @bjoern I've just sent them an email to ask about their plans to create a fediverse account.

A while ago I've removed the always-visible, ever-ticking clock in the bottom-right corner of my screen.

It made me realize how often I subconsciously looked at it. Turns out, the current time is usually not relevant at all, so I got better at setting alarms for time-bound events and removed one (albeit minor) source of distraction.

@cwebber @emacsen Just discovered there's a new episode of Libre Lounge already and wanted to say hi and thanks for all the good stuff! 🙂 I really enjoy listening to you both.

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