How do you your devices? I've been running `adb backup` + `rsync` for a while now, but I feel it's not a solution I'd recommend to average users. Ideally, root access on the phone should not be required.

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@dazinism Hm not exactly what I'm looking for. AFAIK flashing a custom rom still will void warranty on a lot of devices.

My research so far is disappointing: Either upload all your stuff to Google, or be able to root/install a custom rom.

@dazinism @dkellner I'm happy I at least have a phone I can unlock the bootloader on now. In a year or so when I stop getting updates, I may go the way of the custom ROM, and may never look back. I'm chicken shit right now though. Too much going on to cause myself more problems. .

@stochastix @dazinism Haha yes, new problems! I used to run Replicant for years on a Galaxy S2, but as it broke down while I was travelling and it's really hard to buy supported phones "on the road", I went with a stock rom ever since... for myself I've bought a Purism Librem 5 and will just wait for that.

The question here was really more about advice to give for average Android users, as a lot of my friends are not willing to spend multiple hours just for setting up a backup solution.

@dazinism @dkellner That would be sweet if you could get borgbackup running on there. Wonder if it would run in pydroid3 or qpython3.

@dkellner as I understand it they say it will void your warranty, but it doesn't. People who are prepared to insist its still covered get a new phone.

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