Celebrate all types of love, online friends!

@delve @django You can’t have sex with any of those though.

@hamjb @delve @django It’s not as fun to have sex with someone you don’t love.

@hamjb @delve @django No, I can’t get any sex. It’s easy to discriminate between sex and love.

@hamjb @delve @django The problem is I can’t find anyone to have sex with, who loves me. It’s easy to find people who love me.

@cy @delve @django
Seems it's because you're urging for sex. Nobody believes if one states "I love you" and same time "but I need sex with you" (otherwise I can't love you).

It really looks like you mix love with dependency, desires, having object which fulfils your (sexual) desire and call those "love"

@hamjb @delve @django I can love plenty of people. I love you for being a wonderful person who wants the best for everyone, even people like me. Love isn’t hard to come by. Sex is.

I guess objects can be fun for some, but I’d rather have a person to have sex with in a mutual loving relationship, more than an object or toy.

@cy @delve @django
You love me? How it it's possible? You don't know me. It's illusion. Maybe you like idea what you think about me. But me?

Nobody can say "I love strawberry" but never had touched not smelled nor seen not eaten one.
It's illusion.
Not love.

@hamjb Well, like what @django said in

I can love you through “hobby love” (we both like cute things), through “online friend love” (hi!), through “team love” (we’re both on the Fediverse), or through “nature love” because your human nature is beautiful. How could I not love someone who can think and feel and be in a way no one else can?

@cy @django which hobby? Is there any hobby you know about?
We aren't in any team, if using social media.
My human nature? What? You ever read my toots? How I identify with "human"?
Did we share anything personal, to be "online friends"? No.

All illusion. Not in any way love, if you mean me.

@django muy bonito yo hubiese puesto tambien algo como amor insurreccional, como quemando un carro de la policia o algo asi

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