genuinely unsure if this should be tagged ec or not

@django this makes me so angry tbh. I love my autistic brain, and all the other people I know on the spectrum who weren't emotionally abused by their parents over it feel the same.

what it really comes down to is that antivax parents don't want to do the job of actually understanding and parenting their kids, and we should always point that out when discussing this issue. they're putting everyone in danger because they literally shouldn't have kids.

@django gritty becoming a meme is one of the best things that's happened in the last few years tbh

@django this is powerful!

Unfortunately most of them seem convinced that the medical corporations are running a scam and there's better ways to fight off diseases than vaccinations. The 'it causes autism' is but one tool in a bag of crazy.

(Not that corporations make it any easier to dispel the notion of a conspiracy, being the greedy megacorps they are 😐 )

@django As an autistic person myself, I experience anti-vax more as anti-autism, which is pretty hurtfull.

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