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@gertdebra @leo well, the mastodon.network instance appears to be down, and are we sure about the coffee site? It seems to be pretty generic and not updated in three years...

@jd FUCKING FASCISTS! (sorry, I get riled sometimes...)

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It is now possible to change the "type" of your Liberapay account: from "individual" to "organization" or vice versa.

This has allowed us to make the sign-up form friendlier, as new users no longer have to choose upfront between the two account types.

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You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.

>open mailbox
You open the mailbox, revealing a small leaflet.

>read leaflet
(first taking the small leaflet)
"Welcome to our house! In it, you will find a game of adventure, danger..."

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I drink a glass of iced coffee☕ in the morning and I drink a glass of beer🍺 in the night.

@lifning # sign not required, but results are always hashtags or user names only

Anyone else get Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in your head every time you read Scaramucci's name?

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Mom's using a perfectly good DVD-R to scape junk off the side table

@gemlog @jjg this is why we're moving to Mexico. Safer and not 5eyes

@ben0_o started watching one on Hulu last evening. Couldn't get past 20 minutes. Ugh. Can't even remember the name.

Couldn't talk the wife into driving a short 18-mile round-trip to bring me my new iPhone which was delivered today. *sigh*

Finished my first pot of coffee at work. It is only 9:30am. 2.5 hours/pot. That seems a bit much, no? ☢

@ben0_o wow. Talk about shit posting! *Urk*

@Antanicus good reason to start working on your early retirement plans now!

Developing a *serious* case of IDGAF at work. Possibly related to having only six more working days before my retirement. I'm just saying -- there might be a correlation...

So after much thinking and reading and analyzing I finally gave in. Spent $150 for an iPhone SE - arrives tomorrow! (2/2)

After my pretty crappy experience with my Motorola G4 (ghost touches and now random shutdowns) I began thinking of how my Android history has gone from pretty good (Google Nexus) to where my last two phones crapped out on me. In between was a lot of jailbreak frustration and hassle. Meanwhile the wife has been pretty happy with her new/old stock iPhone 5S (ordered a few months ago, under $200!). After adding my fingerprint to her device I realized how easy that is compared to swipe/PIN. (1/2)

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#Podcast: Matt Stoller on The Return of #Monopoly

The rise of monopolies. The origins of #antitrust laws. How Robert Bork and the Chicago School undermined anti trust laws. Why some on the Left supported monopolies. Elitism and how we make policy. Why we need regulated competition.

majority.fm/2017/07/18/718-mat ecodigital.social/media/QRTcDm

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