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Live stream for today's Falcon 9 launch starting now.

They're re-using a rocket that was previously used before, the second time SpaceX (or anyone else) has ever used a rocket that has been used for a previous orbital flight.

#Spaceflight #SpaceX #Falcon9 #Launch

@applecandy yeah, we climbed for a few years then stopped for a long time. Finally getting back in the gym this year. Great workout!

Hey, some important PSA:

If muting transphobia or homophobia is "living in a bubble", them you have some fucking issues.

If you can't make the difference between "trans women are men and should be killed lol" and "you should try Rust, it may be better than C++ because it's safer", you have some deep fucking issues and the humanist part left in me implore you to fucking fix them.

So new browser (
New thing to organize all the things ( TagSpaces
Getting ready to test out Spacemacs (

@alatitude77 I've used it on Chrome successfully, but I found it maddening on Firefox - it would activate when I typed an 'f' in the URL field!

Words re: politics from one who 'got' it... Show more

@h This was kinda what I was thinking about. The trick would be an easy UI I could quickly access for jotting down notes or making a quick table of something, or a chart. Most things like that are designed for CMS/websites.

@twsh well, I *did* kinda ask for help, didn't I? lol I've run across orgmode before, back when I was testing out vi I think.

Let's see - spreadsheets? hmmm, check. Graphs? ack! check! No stock quotes though. :\

Now checking out Spacemacs - geeze what a rabbit hole. Thanks? lol

Text docs w/ tables might work if basic math calculations were enabled. Or perhaps some form of db? Depending on what I end up with, I might need to use online for backup/sync only, with no online editing. Put all 'docs' on USB stick, keep synced. Somehow a db seems like a more elegant, less locked-down solution. Especially if open-source/free and flat-file. I'm probably dreaming here, I realize... (2/2)

Warning: this is me thinking out loud here, rethinking my documents. Laptop onboard space is limited. Using local and mobile apps combined with Collabora is tricky. Collabora can't do too many 3rd party spreadsheet formats, for instance. This brings me to thinking about the proprietary lockdown that is Excel or Open/LibreOffice. Text docs have *multiple* options for editing. Spreadsheets, not so much. Wish there were some way to combine them all in one more universal format. (1/?)

Guitar at end of Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger" sure sounds a lot like Peter Frampton!

Almost 40°C today. That's damned hot! ⚠️🚫☢️☣️🛐🔆🆘

I'd like to fork some OSS project and change just the name and otherwise mirror the parent. Then I can be a fork maintainer. Street cred.

when do we get longer profiles. asking for a everybody.