This brilliant open paper by our friends from ZEMOS98 on the relationship between philanthropic organisations and the people or entities who receive funding from them outlines the most common challenges that funders and grantees often face: the processes required to account for funding, what makes a healthy funder-grantee relationship and transparency, among others. 💚

You can read it or download it here:

Radical Friends discusses the value of and pathways to peer-produced decentralised digital infrastructures for art, culture and society on Saturday 22.1.22 at 10 am in a symposium in English and British Sign Language 💥

We invite you to explore the Guild of Future Architects:

"A Shared Future is a potential reality born from the bold vision & dedicated stewardship in seeking long-view & transformational impact to advance justice, inclusion & shared prosperity." 🔮

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True stories of developing open software for and with economic cooperatives part 3 continued...

Sensorica is a network, and the software we developed together is focused on network coordination and contributory accounting and income distribution (which has influenced a lot of other organizations, including @disco_coop which is a co-op).

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True stories of developing open software for and with economic cooperatives part 3.

After the food networks, we met and collaborated with them to develop

Sensorica is not a legal cooperative, but they follow a lot of the same values and are devoted to open source hardware and software.


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True stories of developing open software for and with economic cooperatives part 2 continued:

So that part of the story, where Fifth Season adopts the distributor's software, explains why cooperative economic software is a network coordination problem.

Can y'all see that?

P.S. after that, we met and advised everybody to use their software because it was better than ours...

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True stories of developing open software for and with economic cooperatives part 2:

So we developed the first coordination software for Fifth Season, but after awhile the distributor, a member of the co-op, offered their software for the co-op to use. All of the institutions were already using their software. It was a great fit. We advised them to adopt it, and they did.


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True stories of developing open software for and with economic cooperatives part 1 continued:

The most successful of the food networks was

It's a multistakeholder co-op where the members are farmers, insitituional buyers like schools and hospitals, a distributor, and the co-op workers.

It's a difficult coordination problem. We developed their first system...

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Together with 25 experts & activists Superrnetwork has developed a set of Feminist Tech Principles on how to build digital futures based on care, equity and sustainability. Including card deck & a series of visions. Have fun exploring! 💜 ✨

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🚨Platform Socialism and Web3

I spoke to, author of the book Platform Socialism with and we cover the history of Big Tech platforms selling us utopia, guild socialism, web3, and some of the solutions he proposes in the book.

How do we get to public-civic spaces, what role does interoperability play? What is holding governments & civil society back to make the shift? Interoperable systems to whose benefit? Who decides? natacha roussel from speaks 🧡

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Not really, but it often aligns with their values. There's principal 6 if it's a co-op and there's a co-op option. For us also Disco Principle 3: Active creators of commons.

"Utopia/Dystopia" is too binary. We might flip from one to another, drawing on what culture has offered us, depending on our feelings. Possitopia allows us to imagine new possibilities by weaving together rather than flipping helplessly" by Bridget McKenzie for The Alternative UK 💛

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Forgive me a little bit of a thread here to introduce a newly published article, something I've been wrestling with for a while and that means a lot to me:


Okay, here goes.

Brilliant open paper on Cultural Mediation for Social Change in Pandemic Times by our friends ZEMOS98 💚

How do we mediate for social change in a digital context that is becoming increasingly privatised? Is mediation for social change a communication tool or translation device between agents that use different languages? Can we overwhelm the institutional logic and invent new roles and spaces in the margins?

The DisCO CAT on The Alternative UK 💚 😼:

"But seriously, while acknowledging my 9-lives privilege, I can tell you that the best time to make a change for the better is right now. Get clear on what you need to know and do in order to trust people, by what criteria you value the things you do together, and learn how to distribute that value in a cooperative and transparent system. So everybody sees what they need to see—even in the dark." 👇

We're so honored to be included in David Bollier's newly released book "The Commoner's Catalog for Changemaking: Tools for the Transitions Ahead" along with our pilot model @guerrillamediacollective

You can read it here 🌱 :

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