DisCO FAILZ at Capitalism

Some of us from Guerrilla Translation, the original DisCO LAB, first bonded over stories about moments of personal protest that sustained us in the capitalist world until we found each other.


Now on Hackernoon...

"DisCO adds seven additional principles to the original seven cooperative principles in order to reunite cooperativism with its commons origins and better prepare it for technological futures."


DisCOs can address the present Covid and looming future crises by creating bottom-up resilience and restoring our relationships - both to one another and the planet.
Read more: elements.disco.coop

The 3 pillars of present centralization and hierarchy, (patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism) are rarely acknowledged in the DAOs or blockchain spheres, where nothing is done to address the basic structural realities.


Less than a week left for the launch of the DisCO Elements, a deep dive into some of DisCO's most outstanding characteristics, illustrated in all its beautiful idiosyncrasy by the first wave of DisCO LABS!


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