Last Thursday we had our first ever DisCO AMA Community call and it was amazing! We'll be having them on a monthly basis to address your questions about fairer & more distributed governance, tech & DisCO implementation in real contexts!

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"Questions about the future of society, work, and humanity are often answered with “automation”, or “artificial intelligence”; just the inevitable consequences of the cult of progress. But many feel that there are things much more important than technology, like our collapsing ecosystems and social relationships."

If you want to get familiar with the basics of DisCO, read our Manifesto here:

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"DisCO adds seven additional principles to the original seven cooperative principles in order to reunite cooperativism with its commons origins and better prepare it for technological futures."

Introduction to Economic Networks by @bhaugen

There is growing consensus that capitalism is unsustainable and that something simply must change.

Several of the strategies in experiments around the world involve economic networks of one kind or another(...)

@Amateur Cities and the @Institute of Network Cultures present this cooperative future-thinking effort from the @MoneyLab network. We live in a an economic system that is global, competitive, and centred around the rational and egoistic vision of the homo economicus. How we can embrace different values focusing on locality, cooperation, and caring?

Get your copy of Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance here:

The 3 pillars of present centralization and hierarchy, (patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism) are rarely acknowledged in the DAOs or blockchain spheres, where nothing is done to address the basic structural realities.

Care before code: It's what makes DIsCOs different.
Care work is time-work: it’s both material and immaterial at the same time (it’s magic, it’s physics... it’s Feminist Economics!). Read more:

Less than a week left for the launch of the DisCO Elements, a deep dive into some of DisCO's most outstanding characteristics, illustrated in all its beautiful idiosyncrasy by the first wave of DisCO LABS!

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