Based on the book by Drew Pendergrass and Troy Vettese, this game is such a carefully crafted gem!✨

Play as a planetary planner and decide what we should do about the climate, biodiversity, and human welfare. Can you bring the world safely to a better place?

@GiacomoSansoni it's called Half-Earth Socialism! and it's based on the homonimous book. You can play the game or purchase it here:

@disco_coop it doesn't load on my web browsers. Pitch-black page.

Maybe some plugin blocks it from loading? You can find out by running in a private tab (i.e. where most plugins don't run)

Dang, forgot to try @ school today.

Yeah, my Falkon has no plugins, and my FireF*ks I use specially for the plugins, which I activate on Private Surfing as well.

I have been meaning to install #Librewolf to get rid of those scammers at @mozilla (which I regret ever giving money to, advertising, propagating, wearing gear, etc). I think I'll do this now to see.

Oh, I did try running in Incognito, btw, but no luck.

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