taxes + I thought I was the only one! Temple of Doom is crazy racist, but a bunch of Nazis die in Raiders and Last Crusade. Just FYI

@wgahnagl Is she on Mastadon? I’ll toot at her and tell her she’s wrong

@wgahnagl Tell her someone on Mastadon says she’s wrong, then laugh at her when she doesn’t know what Mastadon is

@wgahnagl Never mind, I had a look at your feed. Go destroy your mother

@wgahnagl If she’s a hardcore lib, what might you be? Trying to decide which side of this argument I should be on I mean, JK is definitely problematic, but should that really be the upper limit of your scale? I expect you’ll encounter things more problematic than JK, and then where will your scale be?

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ok so apparently it's trendy to hate apple and to want them to fail?

i'm not part of that. i just want my tools to work well. all tools suck, in different ways. all tools have trade-offs, and the downsides to those trade-offs must be mitigated no matter what tools you use.

i use apple tools because i'm intimately familiar with the tradeoffs of all major platforms and the upsides minus the time it takes to mitigate the downsides is greater there than other platforms.

@wgahnagl You will likely outlive her and therefore win

@richdecibels In America, when an election ends, we immediately start prepping for another one. The election is dead, long live the election

@django Anyone with two ears and a heart, that’s who knew

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both truckers and streamers:
- work and sleep in the same small space
- long hours and stimulants
- sedentary
- can wear gym shorts all day
- talk on the radio basically
- call their equipment a "rig"

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looking for series recommendations 

@FiXato Travelers

@aldersprig Sometimes I think they start with the pun and work backwards. Like with Tuvix


*ad for a Mickey Mouse cartoon*

🎵🎶there’s some clothes on this mouse
there’s some clothes on this mouse
there’s some clothes on this mouse
there’s some clothes on this mouse🎵🎶

Hey everybody! My name is Derrick (not my real name), and I just quit Twitter. I migrated over here to hopefully find an online community that’s not all hate, gloom, and doom. My primary interests are Star Trek, puppies, left wing politics, history, and keeping this account separate from my RL identity. That about does it for now! Hey hey hey, everyone!

@wetpaper That makes you negative six thousand nine hundred and eighty. WAY too young

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