US Politics and Religion 

I ride lots of quiet county roads and while I love the landscape of rural Missouri, I no longer view the small churches that dot the roads as quaint. They are, increasingly, the grassroots of Christian fascism.


From several years ago, I was recording the waterfall, the dragonfly was a happy accident.

Enjoying morning rides again. Casual pace, 40 minutes, 4 miles. Had a chat with a goose, watched the sunrise. Nice to start the day off with exercise and pretty views.


fedizine is an anarchist introduction to federated social media. It's an actual paper zine! Being released at the 2022 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair... but coming soon to you?

@mtlbookfairunofficial #MTLBookfair

We're excited to shit talk corporate social media, demystify the Fediverse, and help get anarchists off the former and onto the latter...

People reading this are already on the #fedi so you know what's up... But feel free to BOOST and help spread the word!

An excellent and frightening, episode of The Climavores Podcast: Today’s food crisis is a postcard from our warming future.I’m looking forward to exploring their other podcasts: Podcasts for a changing planet

@chris (Scribbles on paper very intensely for a minute) Yeah, that checks out.😂

Morning Ride After taking a few months off from cycling to focus on various landscaping/garden projects around my place I decided it was time to get back on the saddle. Just two 4 mile rides a day meets my exercise goal and it’s a pretty ride.

#JWST keeps getting us amazing new observations. Linked here is the famous "Cartwheel" #galaxy in a combined NIRCam and MIRI image. NIRCam shows the smooth older star population, while MIRI (red) shows regions rich on dust and molecular gas.

Also note the two background galaxies. They are approximately the same distance and size, yet the difference in MIRI is striking.

#Webb #Science #Astronomy #Astrophysics

I’ve loved The Orville since the first season and Season 3 has only gotten better. Fantastic.
We might be living in some very unsettling, disturbing times but the streaming sci-fi from the various Star Trek series, The Orville, The Expanse and so many others, good stuff.

Seed ticks already out! Normally it would only be an issue when I’m out on the trail in the woods later in summer or fall. But now, two days in a row, on the gravel road in August!
VERY tiny baby ticks and when you get them it’s usually 50+. Yikes.

If you're browsing a very new account, it may appear to be empty even though they have already posted lots of stuff.

This is because most Fediverse servers don't "backfill" new profiles, i.e. if no one followed them at the time a post was made then their post will not be visible from other servers, even if people follow them later. Followers of new users will only see posts made after they follow them, and the oldest posts will remain invisible.

You can see all of a profile's public posts by clicking on the profile's avatar to open it on its home server.

You can also force any post to become visible from your server too by copying the post's public URL and pasting it into the search box on your server.

(If you think this is crazy, and you'd like Mastodon to automatically backfill posts when people follow an account, please give a thumbs up to the issue at so that the developers realise you want this.)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

Solar Punk Tiny House! Flowers in foreground: Vernonia baldwinii, the western ironweed is the purple flower. Rudbeckia subtomentosa, sweet Coneflower is the yellow.

@m2m I'm around the same age as you and I suspect that we'll get to endure the first, easiest stages though they will seem terrible. I'm already a cranky hermit that prefers squirrels to humans. As the meme goes, the current summer is likely one of the coolest to be had going forward. But today's children and anyone born going forward are really going to be living in something ugly. 😟

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