Moving to so posting a new I'm a bit fuzzy on the moving process and what I need to do. This will do for the moment I suppose!

So, a quick list of interests with tags:

@neil Thanks Neil! I've really been loving Mastodon the past couple weeks add this instance is the perfect fit so I expect it's going to be even better going forward.

@dennyhenke Whereabouts are you located? No more specific than you're comfortable with, I mean. You have some enviously gorgeous land, wherever it is.

@dennyhenke Oh, I see now you say Missouri on your website. Cool! That's... about 1000 miles away from me.

@cy Yeah, the forested, rolling hills around here are very pretty. That said, it is intensely conservative and I don't fit in the local culture at all.

@dennyhenke Do you have any clues how that's happening? The only vector I've seen from way over here is religious cults. But from way over *there,* I'm sure you've seen a vector for the PNW is all the "violent anarchism" around here, which couldn't be further from the truth.

@cy Yeah, lots of small community churches here. They are everywhere around the countryside and have been for decades. I think that's a large part of it. Low population density, farming is still a primary occupation for many. The history here is grounded in christianity and farming. Lots of deep racism as well. BLM rally in largest town in this county 2 years ago turned into a Klan rally of sorts. Proud boys with rifles on street corners and rooftops. Rebel flags are common.🤮 🤬

@dennyhenke There are honestly lots of small community churches everywhere in the USA. You can't go three blocks from my house without hitting two. The way they'd be a vector is if they were all under the influence of some shady central authority, rather than just independently crazy. The Proud Boys for instance had a literal fascist dictator, until McInnes peaced out in 2018.

@cy Yeah, I suppose you're right about community churches being everywhere! I've only been a casual observer of conservative culture here so I don't have a well developed understanding of it. It seems to share the common threads observed in many rural areas in the US of christianity, lower population density, less education, less mobility, and lower income.

@dennyhenke As for rebel flags... far as I can tell, between 1680 and 1865 profiteers scammed people into owning slaves down there. The logical contradiction of slavery meant they had to construct elaborate lies to justify it, and once everyone was paid to lie, they could never get out of it b/c they'd have to admit they were scum. People then took their lies for truth and went with it. No more profit motive, but I wonder how long that's going to linger...

@dennyhenke The slave trade gripped the area with an iron fist for 187 years. It's been 157 years since. I really hope that healing such a twisted culture doesn't take longer than it took the slave traders to screw it up.

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