Clicked around on our Loomio page, and what the Tech WG is publishing is fascinating. The level of professionalism and openness is commendable.

@deltaidea do you know if these meetings/minutes are published on the instance anywhere? would be nice to see links to the minutes in my feed when they're posted! @mattcropp maybe?

@nornagon I might start posting them myself.

There was an effort to maintain an official account, but the WG responsible for it [1] is dead and is not listed in the WG list [2].

Disclaimer: I'm a noob and might be missing something.


@nornagon @mike_hales Mike, we're talking about the Editorial group here, and you seem to be mentioned there (see [1] above). Could you tell us more?

Hi @deltaidea Last July I picked up this WG. Then meltdown happened
Michele (original group coord) left, I suspended posting till dust cleared.

Tech and ctty WGs/ops teams are working hard now, becoming systematic. Yes their actions and insights should be posted somewhere visible. Ctty WG ops team is on the case, wiki & git being used routinely now to publish @mattcropp

I had a scheme for internal research/development/publishing via Editorial WG
barely started work on this b4 meltdown. Intention was public review of S-C’s means processes & intentions/visions. As distinct from routine reporting of official actions. Which also was/is getting attention.
@mattcropp @nornagon @Matt_Noyes @emi

3 of 3
I’m now snowed with non S-C stuff
unlikely to spend time developing Ed WG 😞

I’m currently ‘at large’ in Ctty Ops Team WG. This link w EdWG needs to be strong
But EdWG needs to be active too. Scheme still important I think. Intention to be reflective about aims and processes is alive in WGs.
Somebody/ies wanting to pick this up in Ed WG? Good 😀
@mattcropp @nornagon @Matt_Noyes @emi @wu_lee @LeoSammallahti @alanz @TheScienceRobot

This is all very interesting, need time to form an opinion.

@deltaidea Complex stuff, time consuming . . and plenty of history. Take your time :)

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