Flash news: I'm a human being, not a robot writting and sharing interesting work related links and ressources to please people, I also only have 24h a day. The behavior of some people around here let's me think that sometimes they forget there's a human being behind the screen

For ex someone asked me for another work account to follow to avoid seeing my likes because apparently I like feminist/gender/political stuff and they want to avoid it. This is my pro/work account. I mostly share articles I read and articles I write, this is as pro as is gets

Yes, sometimes I also like, reshare content about women in tech because guess what, I'm a human being who happens to be a queer woman working in the tech industry and this affects my work and the work of many of us. There's many accounts only tweeting work stuff, follow them

I respect the fact that people want to not see some content, but they can unfollow and list instead of following and or mute some words. I'm tired of other people projecting their expections on me: not anymore. Also there's plenty of other accounts to follow

Some other person told me I should not block people because it's freedom of information to see what I tweet (because of all the curated articles). Again: Nope!! (also people I block can still read my blog I just don't want social interactions with them)


@stephaniewalter 👍 You don't owe anyone to listen to them or to speak to them because you're not a government. Here's some validation from ContraPoints: youtube.com/watch?v=IBUuBd5VRb

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