🏜️🏝️ ANNOUNCE: Hack the planet!
Are you free and in EU January-March?
Fly in to the nomadic & open-for-all CHT Hackbase Lanzarote [], camp CHT7-B.

πŸ”¬ Focus is on hacking, theory & arts of infrastructure, ecology and processes/protocols. Collaborative subseason planning:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ”§ All costs incl. food: ~100€/week + donations.
Flights inside EU are cheap even at the last-minute, often ~50€ one way.

βœ‰ Get in touch:

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@dcht00 this looks incredible. I sort of want to do it! do you know if there is a list of people already planning on going?

@dcht00 hahahaha I totally didn't realize who you were until I looked up your name. We hung out at CCC and then again few times in Berlin with Leif. Was just looking into coming to Lanzarote and reading through

@liaizon o hai! Lanzarote is a great place to be I suppose :)

@dcht00 I ended up buying a ticket to barcelona, maybe I can jump over to Lanzarote from there. Will you be doing the hackbase thing all through march?

@liaizon I think until approx 15-20 march, might be longer. Will know next few days. Feel free to support now, currently buying a lot of things!

@liaizon Yes of course, 4G. I have a 50gb dataplan I can share.

@dcht00 not sure it's cool to tell people to fly to an event discussing ecology, especially since I'm pretty sure you can reach the island by train + boat

@emptyfortress Thanks for your re - I've been getting more considerations in this direction, and I'm writing an organized response both trying to find that train+boat on one hand, and on the other arguing that "sometimes to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs", aka, we won't break out of this hell hole if all climate activists stay in bed until they drop dead, even though that would save a bunch of emissions.

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