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@nev or imagine you're a [regulated] bank in Canada with a data center full of hardware that your various lines of business get to share. Those LoB's may compete with each other and are required to separate operational information from each other. That isolation suddenly got a lot more expensive to maintain, and to prove if challenged in court or even by internal or external audit.

@nev or imagine you're Amazon and you have a huge business unit dedicated to running dozens or hundreds of VMs to customers who trust Amazon but may not trust each other. Suddenly your ability to maintain the trusted boundary between those VMs is challenged, as are the underlying financials of your business model. (The mitigations all have significant performance costs and Amazon competes on margin.)

@nev the mechanisms are different but the impacts of the two attacks are similar: basically if your computer is running code A that you trust and code B that you don't trust, there used to be a hardware guarantee that B could not spy on A. That guarantee, turns out, has been a lie for a long, long time.

Now imagine program A is your browser with your passwords saved in it and program B is some advertising junk delivered by an ad network with lackadaisical security (i.e. all of them). 😬

I just signed up for this free on , run by Univeristy of , starts 8th Jan:

"Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative
Could a cooperative market economy, in which firms are owned and controlled by their workers, be a viable and efficient alternative to capitalism?"

Reading a 1895 history of the medieval university in PDF on a whim and thinking the @internetarchive (where I got it) is a remnant of what the internet was supposed to be.

Howdy! I'm Marie, a musical clown, industrial hygienist and patient care ergonomics specialist in Dallas. I work with @RussSharek and @Avalon . I'm fond of #clown #circus #music #jazz #acapella #sphm #safety #ergonomics #food and #travel.

Can't wait for @fairphone to be back in stock.

The beta version (18.01) of the @Fairphone Open OS now includes F-Droid's system extension for automatic app updates. #FreeYourAndroid

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I would like to explore starting up a new email hosting service that is cooperatively supported and governed by its members. A Loomio group for interested parties can be found here:

I would like to use alternative tools as much as possible -- operating system, software, ISP, cloud, SNS, email, hosting... But in reality many of us continue to use the dominant tools and platforms. No need to be dogmatic or puritanical, but how can we encourage and support the development of the new ecosystems we want? Do we need to form cooperative users/makers groups of some kind?

I finally decided to have a look for the story behind the weird
'man in business suit levitating'


Who would of thought it turns out he should really be called 'pogoing ska punk'

@stragu @Jbastardov

Android has user accounts and a 'guest' account function. Data in a user accounts is not available in other user accounts
Good way to sandbox less trusted apps keeping them away from your contacts,files and images.

Doesn't offer the plausibly deniable user account suggested in the article though- all possible users can be seen

The (over hyped) Blackphone had something more like this functionality whose creator also make their own proprietary ROMs

Hi, I'm Matthew.

49yo, San Diego

Wondering if could be a viable alternative to corporate employment. There is a lot of exciting coop activity in the software/web-development space. Could there be a viable coop model for hardware products? Perhaps a coop for developing SoCs based on RISC-V architecture, and
downstream devices.

Also @nonlinear


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