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"I think growing up and out from the roots would make the most sense. Like from food crops to food processing to cafeterias: maybe first the school cafeteria and later an open community cafeteria. From using farm equipment to repairing farm equipment and then producing farm equipment, maybe by mining junkyards for inputs."

This is a nice line of thought that I agree with. Growing food is a great place to start creating economic networks. Everyone has to eat

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adb backup works for most apps.
Not sure that it grabs the cache, but generally dont think you would need it.

Probably best to do an adb backup of just that app.

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Would letting @Shell go bankrupt finally facilitate a just transition? Or will it simply leave workers and impacted communities to fend for themselves? 💷
Together with @Maceyjoshua from @UChicagoLaw @ShellMustFall explored these question:

Graeber did some very long view analysis of exaxtly this in Debt: the first 5000 years.
IIRC looking right back through the historical record there is a definite trend of much more war whenever money was pegged to gold (or another commodity) @jcbrand @cjd @wolf480pl @kravietz

Most things on android devices (including many system components) are apps

Look at the App Info tab for any app (including system apps) using
You should be able to use the share icon to get the apk file which you can install on another device

There are so many note taking apps on f-droid and more in the izzyondroid repo. Only one I can think of that supports drawing is (should get update soon)
There may well be others. @njoseph_1

Looking at
For LTE looks like Three use band 20 (800MHz), adding band 3(1800) for towns and then also band 1(2100) for more built up areas

Typo in that, should have been-
…theres a 4G only switch which turns off 2G and 3G.

Related I'm on three and at one location where I spend a fair bit of time I noticed my mobile data wasnt very stable and the phone switched from 3G to 4G a fair bit and used more battery.

I've got GrapheneOS on my phone and theres a 4G only switch which turns off 2G and 4G. Once I used that the connection was far more stable.

Looking at the phone info page you can see what tower you are connecting to. Then you can find details of that tower & its protocols

@thamesynne android
If so try dialling *#*#4636#*#*
Then in the menu that pops up select phone information, then note what is set for 'preferred network type' and if its available switch to 'LTE only'

@dan @neil
Rhvoice is newer and works fine and is on fdroid. Once installed, to get it to work, you may have to select it as your system tts app in the system tts settings even though it already looks like its set as that.

Big industrialised farms are efficient at making money, less so at food production per land area.

Theres examples from all around the world of folks doing food production in diverse polycultures eg.

Also the land 'development' pipeline isnt one way. A classic example is Detroit where loads of stuff was abandoned with mass capital flight from the auto industry. Housing, churches, factories, schools all rotting @Blort @strypey @dazinism

I like the idea of a change in agricultural systems away from monocrops to diverse polycultures, which massively increase the number of plants regularly grown for food (many more trees crops) & includes space for 'wilderness'/'nature' within these polycultures. Given humans are part of nature (& other benefits likely gained) more folks should move into the food producing lands reversing the trend that came with land enclosure then industrialisation of agriculture. 1/2 @Blort @strypey

…the amount of resources available from the community or what the vendor can or wants to put into the device. Smaller companies like Fairphone may want to do long support, but they havent been able to do timely or full updates on their phones, guess because they dont have the resources

Given problems gathering enough resources to properly look after complex devices I think reducing complexity is worth exploring
Liking the path is taking @ajroach42 @mdm @poindexter

I'm all for cheap, just as far as I've seen (got best knowledge about android phones) cheap devices do not get good support/updates, some more expensive ones also dont

As far as I'm aware, I think due to their massive complexity (& huge number of different phones), community extended support of androids is best effort (& lacking)- e.g. some devices have open drivers, but I dont think anyones taken up proper maintenance after the vendor stops

Its about… 1/2
@ajroach42 @mdm @poindexter

Its run by the folks who do android police.
You can check the signature fingerprints of the apk and cross reference them against a few different services that maintain lists.


If I"m not getting confused Googles Messages is a very well developed proprietary fork of the open source app Messaging, which is still developed/maintained.

Not sure that anyone who is reliable/trustworthy is providing apks outside of complete OS builds.

Think you may have to build an apk yourself or unpack a complete OS/ROM release and grab the apk from there

If I had to pick a place to grab a fork I'd check out ProtonAOSP first


Theres the AOSP app
These AOSP apps provide crucial system functionality (Calendar, Camera, Gallery) are now meant to be demo apps for companies that make phones rather than for end users

Messaging, sometimes with minor alterations (adding a dark theme) is used in many non-profit/community AOSP based operating systems/ROMs

Think its wired up for RCS
Likely needs your OS to have stuff for your cell network provider set up right


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