"I wanted a LORA/MESH small tool to communicate besides SIM CARD controlled networks. Something really free and capable of helping people in emergency situation or just helping people to communicated freely."


Wild Apples for Climate Repair & Resilience -
Project to create a nursery for wild Kazakhstan apple trees in the US.
These trees, the ancestors of domestic apples have edible fruit and grow to 70ft / 25meter tall. gofundme.com/f/wild-apples-for

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You didnt ask for podcasts but I've found Hardcore History & Tides of History interesting & enjoyable. @freakazoid

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Yes, I was thinking of CHP via heat exchangers fitted to liquid cooled engines Potentially an easy win for a load of energy, if you are doing a lot of heating anyway
My brother worked for a company that did renewable power for festivals- solar & biodiesel
They moved into building big battery banks with top notch inverter/chargers linked to diesel generators & selling to hire companies that serviced the construction industry
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Neat wooden sofa that a chainsaw sculptor has been making in my friends yard


Yeah its daft this energy isnt used

I was part of a coop working on (among many other things) offering electricity and heat from used cooking oil powered diesel gensets at events. They got a suitable genset after I left the coop, but think that they fuelled it with fresh rapeseed oil

Got lots of friends who work on rubbish/recycling at festivals. From a sustainability perspective most are terrible, even if you ignore all the transportation energy involved.
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I've always had this built into my clock app, possibly because I've always run alternative operating systems, closely based on AOSP

What I have now looks a lot like this-

Simple Clock (A combination of a clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer.) - f-droid.org/app/com.simplemobi

Theres also this available

ProgressBars (A simple timer / countdown app) - f-droid.org/app/org.mattvchand

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When you run Symantec or Norten AV, Microsoft will not provides security updates for now, because your Anti-malware solution, which at least according to itself, deletes all updates provides by Microsoft, which protect you from real security issues.

I mean, it's not like Microsoft announced months ago, that they will drop SHA-1 signatures this month… And also SHA-1 support is already no longer recommended since years… 🀷 "Security experts"

#infosec #security #fail #symantec #Norten #snakeoil

Huh. Did you know that if you use Avast anti-virus, they are tracking every single thing you click on in your web browser, storing this, and selling this data to marketers?

sparktoro.com/blog/less-than-h - scroll down to the β€œmethodology” section.

"The world generates 2bn tonnes of solid waste annually – enough to fill 250m builder’s skips. If these were placed end to end, they would go around the world more than 23 times."

They've got newer versions (with ability to add remotely) in their own fdroid repository. The version in the main fdroid repo doesnt have this.
forum.f-droid.org/t/known-repo @ajroach42 @freakazoid


I wouldnt be aiming for

I'd get a Pixel 3a and use or

Or maybe a MiA2 and build my own CalyxOS (they got early support) or run something else while I wait for them to roll out full support.


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