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Big bright pink drifts of ragged robin (lychnis flos-cucli) splattered around all over the meadow. Makes it look a bit ethereal - bit hard to capture on camera.

They appear to like it in the shallow gullies. These 20cm deep gullies are carved into the surface, about every 10 meters, like in many other meadows on the Somerset Levels, to keep things a bit drier in wet spells.

Want to get an education while being stuck at home? Take your interest in the cooperative digital economy to the next level and start incubating your platform co-op project assisted by partners in your country.
An 8-week ad hoc online course.

Mycelium growing on old wooden planks that have been left stacked outside in the meadow

Bugle, sometimes in big clumps also making a show before the meadowsweet grows up and overshadows everything

All the countries with light blue lines, where number of new cases is levelling off, everyone is wearing masks

Same is true in Czech. Where people are making their own masks

Theres loads of scientific papers backing up this approach

If nothing else is possible even wrapping a tshirt over your nose and mouth helps

Not been out much, but yet to see anyone here in Somerset, other than some Czech friends & Asian folks, wearing a mask

Food energy flows

Explore food supply and production for different nation states with this interesting (open source) interactive data visualization project

Making sure firewood is proper dry and splitting it thin makes heating up the cabin, and cooking much quicker.

Building unusual/efficient stoves & living in a community which had a damp supply of firewood and then getting my hands on a moisture meter 5 years ago taught me how much more heat you get from properly seasoned wood. The difference is staggering.

This is the stove I co-built

The photo is the one we use in the cabin - which I didnt build

Starting today Global Ecovillage Network are hosting a free online summit
Communities for Future -
Our Response to the Climate Emergency
February 1-10

My great uncle spent his adult working life as a butcher at the Royal Arsenal Cooperative Society

Dad found this tin dividend token while he was sorting through some stuff

Interesting reading on wikipedia about all their activities - housing, education, politics

Land Workers Alliance 2020 Calendar

Support the affiliated union by buying one of these beautiful calendars. Each month
depicts a group working to build not only a better agricultural or land-rights system, but also a fairer society.
Migrant worker solidarity of Italy’s USB union
French agricultural syndicalist resistance to free trade
The Women’s village of Jinwar Northern Syria

Amazing footage of trucks moving the blades for a giant wind turbine Baoding mountain range, Yunnan province, China

Traditional Sami storehouse in Sweden. The access into the cabin is via a trapdoor in the middle of the floor

Neat wooden sofa that a chainsaw sculptor has been making in my friends yard

Internalional Day of Peasant Struggles-
Standing in solidarity with peasant farmers across the world
"The rights of peasants cannot be substituted by public policies based on the interest of the global market and agribusiness. We denounce this model that not only marginalizes our peasant communities but also appropriates our rights, common goods and lives, in the name of productivity and for the development of the capitalist system in the countryside.”

08 March: International Women's Day 2019- Via Campesina

"We pay tribute to those women who are engaged in a constant struggle to end violence against women and against all human beings, women who are breaking the silence. We pay tribute to women who confront the structural oppression of capitalism, refusing to accept the ingrained patriarchal patterns in societies where, every day, women are the victims of violence, discrimination, exploitation, oppression and murder"

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