Neat wooden sofa that a chainsaw sculptor has been making in my friends yard

Internalional Day of Peasant Struggles-
Standing in solidarity with peasant farmers across the world
"The rights of peasants cannot be substituted by public policies based on the interest of the global market and agribusiness. We denounce this model that not only marginalizes our peasant communities but also appropriates our rights,Β common goods and lives, in the name of productivity and for the development of the capitalist system in the countryside.”

08 March: International Women's Day 2019- Via Campesina

"We pay tribute to those women who are engaged in a constant struggle to end violence against women and against all human beings, women who are breaking the silence. We pay tribute to women who confront the structural oppression of capitalism, refusing to accept the ingrained patriarchal patterns in societies where, every day, women are the victims of violence, discrimination, exploitation, oppression and murder"

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Using NetMonitor app I saw them making connections to

Opened up Checkey app from The Guardian Project & checked out the dodgy looking 'File Manager'
I clicked on the blue and white Virus Total icon which opens their web page for the app
Had to then click on three dot menu and 'open in browser' which made the 'file detail' tab on the web page do something

Scrolling down to 'interesting strings' showed all the facebook URLs

@dankwraith @starrycosmos @ExperimentV @alanz

Opened Checkey app from Guardian Project to look at these apps

Clicking on the blue and white virus total icon got me to the virus total page for dodgy 'File Manager' app

Had to click on the menu option there & select 'open in browser' so that I could actually click on the 'file detail' tab on that page
Scrolling down to see interesting strings turned up loads of facebook URLs

@dankwraith @starrycosmos @ExperimentV @alanz

I didnt notice the facebook system apps doing anything much, did the android update and they changed their names, but appear to be the same apps.

They dont transfer much, what worries me more is the built in File Manager and Joy Launcher apps that cant be disabled, cant have data limited, and appear to transfer a lot of data making many connections.

@dankwraith @starrycosmos @ExperimentV @alanz

Draw over other apps permission is not listed when looking at an apps permissions.
For these facebook apps on this phone the switches cant be turned off

Not a very secure device
Has Android6 Marshmallow
4 years & 4 lots of major security and (potentially) privacy improvements since,coming with each new Android version

Android security patch level= Feb 2017-feels a bit recent for a phone still on Android6

Updated June.There is another update

@dankwraith @starrycosmos @ExperimentV @alanz

I've been using it today, sent it a few unique files via Bluetooth, rebooted a couple of times, added some apps & did some web browsing

I havent caught the facebook system apps doing anything yet except when starting the phone & then only one of them, it runs for about 00:20 (20 seconds) while it calls home & transfers a bit of data

Possibly (but unlikely?) they are being v sneaky & hiding their activities - as explained they could do this

@dankwraith @starrycosmos @ExperimentV @alanz

Its not possible to disable these apps. They restart pretty soon after they are force stopped.

They have the 'draw over other apps' permission and it cant be disabled (can fool you to do things or hide stuff from you)

Looking at com.Facebook.system using the Stanley app it has very powerful permissions. Can watch what apps are running, start and stop apps (or just parts of them) and even install or delete software on the phone

@dankwraith @starrycosmos @ExperimentV @alanz

Decided I should check out my assumption that a disabled presinstalled Facebook app couldnt get my data

Have a very cheap Acatel Android I got new a year ago

Deleted the Facebook app when I got it

Looking at android settings, apps & selecting 'show system' from the menu I found that there are 2 facebook system apps

One of them starts up at boot, connects to Facebook & transfers some data. It has storage permission (I had it off)


Continuous terrible forecasting of solar power capacity from both the International Energy Agency and the US Energy Information Administration

Government policy is made based upon these terrible forecasts.

@Antanicus looks like im going to working on this vintage electric bus that a friend bought. Carries 22 people.

@jjg @cstanhope
Is it because you'be somehow set a different privacy level for your posts?
These are my options on Twidere, default is public.

That one was 336kb and worked.
Played about a bit more. May be a 500KB limit?
Doggo thinks so.

@dajbelshaw they were both jpgs swiped from Twitter. Ads for events. The one attached kept failing, just opened in AOSP gallery and exported as a 'flat' jpg. That failed. This one did Android screenshot which made a png then cropped it which made it into a .JPG

How do we fund the ? How can citizens, non-profits, coops and community institutions build alternative, inclusive economic models

event in London 5th February

Free book download and more at

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