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Continuous terrible forecasting of solar power capacity from both the International Energy Agency and the US Energy Information Administration

Government policy is made based upon these terrible forecasts.

@Antanicus looks like im going to working on this vintage electric bus that a friend bought. Carries 22 people.

@jjg @cstanhope
Is it because you'be somehow set a different privacy level for your posts?
These are my options on Twidere, default is public.

That one was 336kb and worked.
Played about a bit more. May be a 500KB limit?
Doggo thinks so.

@dajbelshaw they were both jpgs swiped from Twitter. Ads for events. The one attached kept failing, just opened in AOSP gallery and exported as a 'flat' jpg. That failed. This one did Android screenshot which made a png then cropped it which made it into a .JPG

How do we fund the ? How can citizens, non-profits, coops and community institutions build alternative, inclusive economic models

event in London 5th February

Free book download and more at