Wigan Diggers' Festival
Celebrates the life and ideas of Wigan born and bred Gerrard Winstanley & the 17th Century Diggers' (True Leveller) Movement
11th September 2021

Volunteers still wanted to help out with this year’s festival

Friend made this ace about the state of the environment and society in the and things that people can do to improve things
Please feel free to pass on the link or print some copies 🙂

Wasp Spider photos 

Came across this spectacular wasp spider sitting in the middle of its web in the meadow.
Noticed it had some well bound victim stashed down near the ground which it occasionally rushed off to attend to, then finally hauled up into the middle of the web when it became clear it was a grasshopper


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Finally got a decent picture of an emperor dragonfly recently. Often notice them buzzing round the meadow. They can make great rustling noises, and sometimes see their wings glistening in the sunlight as they zigzag around hunting for prey.

Was somewhat amazed to hear a piece on BBC radio a few weeks back chatting NFTs. Had a talking head promoting them saying how 'fun' and 'innovative' they were.

Don't think there was much critical analysis

Looks like tonight we dine on burdock!
Not tried it before

Remembered to shove a stick in the ground next to a plant in its first year (not flowered, no burrs) so I didn't forget where it was

It's pretty big

Looking forward to trying a self sown native carb hit!

We've got a fair few round the edges of the meadow. Often find the burrs stuck to your clothing. I've taken to throwing them in the compost bin, with the thought that some of the resulting seedlings can be left to grow on for food

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cc/ @thegibson

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