what kind of co-op is social.coop?

a consumer co-op?
a worker co-op?
a housing co-op?

@gc sometimes I get a bit annoyed at the 'standard' coop catagories and the way some 'introductions to coops' texts present them as the available options. Some just dont fit, I dont think thats a problem. I think its generally agreed that as long as your following the principles youre a coop.
The common options consumer/worker co-op encodes at the core of the coop movement that economic relationships happen almost exclusively via market relationships which I think is problematic. 1/2


@gc I'd hope that most people would agree that the ever increasing marketization of every aspect of our societies is problematic and that we should encourage forms of economic realtionships that dont necessarily funnel us into interacting purely via market mechanism.

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