Inside The World's Most Radical Experiment in Women’s Rights -
"The most radical experiment in women’s rights is now underway in what may be the world’s least likely place: northern Syria"

@dazinism To anyone reading the above article: Please do not think YPG and YPJ are nice groups that fight only against ISIS. They are closely related to PKK, which targeted hundreds of civilians and soldiers all around Turkey in past several decades. I understand that not everybody has to know about Turkey's problems but I feel the obligation to write this because seeing an article that downplays PKK's actions makes me remember hundreds of lives lost and makes me sad.

@dazinism "Turkey considers the Turkish Kurdish separatist movement the now-jailed Ocalan founded, the PKK, to be a terrorist group." - If a group killed people to seperate a part of a country, it is a terrorist group, not a separatist movement.

@dazinism "Turkey makes no distinction between PKK and the current Syrian Kurds the U.S. has partnered with to help create the formidable SDF force that has routed ISIS.
" - Both consider Abdullah Ocalan a leader and their members publicly acknowledge the relation. It is reasonable to think they are not so distinct. It would at best be naive to think YPG will not help PKK with the ammunation they acquired from the U.S. Also, YPG is not the only force fighting against ISIS.

@dazinism "Facing Turkish tanks, regime pressure, al-Qaeda threats, and still battling the Islamic State" - Turkey is fighting against a terrorist group threatening its security. It is unacceptable to list it alongside al-Qaeda.
Also, I think it is obvious that supporting a terrorist group and hoping it does not turn against you is a not working strategy.

@dazinism Just to make clear. I do not approve Erdoğan in anyway. However, this is not a matter of PKK vs. Erdoğan. It is a matter of PKK vs. Turkey. PKK existed before Erdoğan's governments. Remember that even tough Turkey is not the most democratic country in the world and is quickly going worse, it is closer to Europe than it is to other Middle Eastern countries.

@dazinism Sorry for the long thread but I think innocent people who were killed by PKK deserve this. If you have objections or questions about Turkey, you can always toot me.

Its cool and unexpected that someone in Turkey would see my toot and chose to respond, particularly at such a great length.
I have a general dislike of violence in all its forms.
I wonder have the actions of the PKK directly affected you?

@dazinism While I did not lose a relative or a friend to their attacks, I was 2 km away from their attack on 10 December 2016. I heard the explosion and my friends texted me to make sure I was okay. If I was outside that day, it was very probable that I pass from there. 39 policemen and 9 civilians died. The attack was after a football match, near the stadium and police was there for the match. Some of the civilians were fans and some were just people passing by.

@dazinism Also while this is not a direct effect, PKK is a major factor in Erdoğan's popularity. The fear after their actions helped the hateful rhetoric of Erdoğan to succeed and harmed the legitimacy of their related political party, HDP, in the eyes of a lot of people.

Since the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire and the Treaty of Lausanne, Kurds have suffered hugely under the Turkish state, including attempts to erase their language & culture.

I am thankful that I do not live in such a situation and I am not sure how I would react if I did.

The society the Kurds in Syria are apparently trying to create is interesting. Trying to share power equally among all - men, women, Kurds, Arabs, whoever.

@dazinism I do not deny the problems Kurds face. I believe they should have broader rights and be freely represented in the parliament because those are basic rights that every human should have. If they get them I will live in a more peaceful country. What I object is terrorism. One can think terrorism is a solution (I am not saying you do) but then he should be open about it and not paint a terrorist organization as fighting for peace.

@dazinism I also appreciate every effort to create a fair society. The problem is when foreign media and governments support PKK, Erdoğan uses it to create distrust in his voters against them. Also, Erdoğan's AKP is the second most popular party in southeastern Turkey right after HDP, particularly among conservative Kurds, which means not every Kurd shares the views of HDP. I would like to emphasize that I do not write these against you, I write to provide a different POV.

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