Social Coop friends. I teach a Media class and want to introduce platform coop and other alternative tools. In addition to our own, DuckDuckGo, Firefox Klar, what do you consider indispensable tools for everyday users of SNS?

@Matt_Noyes / for chat, Loomio for group scheduling, Trello for task management.

@h Taiga appears to be the FLOSS alternative of choice replacing Trello Disroot offer it along with a great selection of tools. They do amazing work. Their plan, this coming year, is to make their tech stack very easy for others to replicate / collaborate. @Matt_Noyes


Taiga? I had a quick play, but I've not used.

I've been involved around the edges of projects using kanban type tools to organise their work.

I have used other stuff at Disroot. Nice project & nice people.

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