I seem to meet more and more people who wonder what to do with their money. Inheritance or well-paying jobs. 5, maybe 6 figures, I don't ask for details.

Most look around for something 'relatively secure', and go with ETFs.

Seems like a waste. What can I recommend them instead?


Been working on ideas around buying up land for farming / forestry commons projects

A significant part of it is creating structures where people, similar to who you mention, can stash their money reasonably safely- backed by the land value- but hopefully more by perceived value of the projects & the potential for future investors (also maybe donations & legacies?)
Got some land/investors/donators lined up
Sorting legal structures

Sketch of things up at

@dazinism @douginamug

Is there some kind of accountability setup in this as well? Even the longest lived cooperatives I know of have had issues resulting from infighting and toxic personalities. Commonly due to a lack of preinformed transformative justice and/or accountability procedures for those who behave in problematic ways.

Thanks for the comment.
Folks involved have a fair bit of experience working in democratic groups, but I'd agree, collaboration can at times be difficult.
Do you know of any good examples of groups that do things well, or good resources for this kind stuff? @douginamug

@dazinism @douginamug Not really, I think it's a society wide thing. My fave reaource is the Bay Area Transformative justice collective. They develop abolitionist methods for dealing with responses to problems in their area/community. They have a thing called pod mapping where you map out who you would ask for support if you have experienced something, but also if you have committed something. Sadly I have never seen this applied in any groups near me.

@dazinism @douginamug My comment comes from a place of having seen quite a bit of tribalism in leftwing spaces (because I'd not be part of not-leftwing spaces) where (sometimes severe) abuse is tolerated from perceived 'useful' individuals where other are outcast just for being a bit weird.

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