Calling anybody with experience with creating international multi-stakeholder cooperatives:

We're thinking about that form of org for which is now being worked on, used by, and implemented by groups in the US and several European nations as of now. Some Canadians were involved earlier and might return. People in other parts of North and South America and Africa have connected a bit.

So how do we do something like that?

What are the hurdles? Who are good advisors?

@bhaugen i was vaguely involved around the peripheral of an organisation, with members from various European countries that incorporated in the UK, as theres no nationality requirements for members/participants in UK corporate bodies. Banking needed some consideration (was solved by either a UK bank € account or an account with a European bank as most money in and out was in €s).

Im normally somewhat resistant to incorporating unless a legal body is needed for limited liability or to own stuff…


@bhaugen …or enter into contracts, but i guess it can also give a greater feeling of solidness to an endeavour.

I wonder if something like is currently doing could be a viable non-incorporated alternative. Open Collective for transparent finances and for democratic distribution.

@dazinism thanks, those might be good models. We're watching.

So far, the core vocabulary project has no income, only the user and software development projects have any income, and not much of that.

I think eventually getting involved with an "official" standards body like ActivityPub did might be good. But that's a hard row to hoe. I've done it before. No time for that yet, and I hope done by other people, if at all.

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