musing about scottish independence 

Been thinking these questions to myself lately:

What ways can we build independence outside of and without the state model?

Why are our independence campaigns so reliant on some future referendum that may not even be won?

How can an independent Scotland decolonise itself?

Why do independentist parties continue to participate in the institutions of the greater British state?

How can we separate the concept of "Britishness" from allegiance to the United Kingdom?

How can an independent Scotland make reparations for its participation in the British Empire?

How can an independent Scotland heal its sectarian divisions that may be exacerbated by independence?

Would Scottish independence accelerate the collapse of the United Kingdom and the neo-British Empire?

What could an independent Scotland do to support other independence movements?

How can we build a new independent system without recreating British colonial and authoritarian structures?




>How can an independent Scotland decolonise itself?

This short podcast series investigated the colonial background to Scottish land ownership spurred on by hearing someone claim "The family farm is a colonial concept”

Farmerama: Landed part 1: The family farm

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