@markusl good points! As they both (in a way or another) are proprietary, we are essentially comparing two black boxes.

I'd add another thing here: security vs *perceived* security. Lotsa people tend to skew towards phone/Android for security because they've seen and felt ways that Windows was insecure. App stores, no "untrusted" executables, all make smartphones seem more secure. But history has proved the opposite many a times despite this "secure aura" thing


Can get a pretty good idea about what both Android & Windows are upto. I know folks who spent time mitm connections from both to get an idea + lots of folks spend a lot of time examining/ reverse engineering both operating systems. Android's more complex as its a family of OSs, but all have lots of open code via AOSP

Security differences are covered well in madaidans-insecurities.github.

Some Androids are better than others. The AOSP base is pretty tight
arxiv.org/abs/1904.05572 @markusl

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