If you were to buy a new #android phone to de-Google it, but you don’t have a #pixel phone to buy in your country, which brand and model you’d go with?

Here I’m basically stuck with #Motorola, #Xiaomi and #Samsung.

Trying to find a decent phone to run #LineageOS maybe… I want to get rid of my #iPhone.

#askfedi #askmastodon #askfediverse #privacy #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism #google #degoogle


Check out this wiki that lists devices and alternative operating systems that keep verified boot working (some may work, but haven't been tested yet, its all explained in the wiki)

You'll get far better security & it heals memory faults as your device storage gets older.


@aito just added a load of extra xiaomi phones that DivestOS supports where the builds may have working verified boot (untested)

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