Does anyone know of a viable open source Facebook alternative (especially for replacing groups)? Anyone try Diaspora?

@directpositiveaction I'm having trouble figuring out how hubzilla (and diaspora) works. The resources seem to be for developers - or super-power users. Can't find screen grab or a description of features or where to sign up. Is there a style instance?

I also tried Scuttlebutt/Patchwork. I did finally manage to sign up but couldn't find anyone or be found. I was sitting next to a friend on a couch, both our laptops open and we still couldn't figure out how to connect to each other. Had higher hopes for Planetary, but had that same problem. And the inability to ever delete anything scared me off.

Also checking out Fediverse protocols below (Hubzilla does seem versatile!) And heard about Junto and Hylo on Holochain.

Apparemtly the Nomad app doesnt work with Hubzilla 6.2 and from this point its best used as a Progressive Web App? @colombene @mike @massimiliano @disroot

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