Brightly, a home cleaning worker coop, becomes a franchise -

Home cleaners in the US earn $11/hour. Cleaners at Brightly worker cooperative get $21/hour

Theres a massive expansion of cleaner coops planned through a franchise model

@dazinism something tells me though that growth will corresponding to a decline in workers' earnings...


I'm intrigued what factors you think could lead to wages going down?

Thinking theres folks who employ cleaners directly to clean their homes (often on low pay)
Then theres folks who pay a domestic cleaning company. They pay more, because they feel like they trust/will get a better service from a company. The company pays low wages to its cleaners.

Thinking these coops will provide their services to the second group, but distribute the companies profits to the cleaners.

@dazinism I haven't thought very deeply into it. I just have a general idea that the more companies grow the easier it is to justify spending more on management/bureaucratic structure which usually leads to stagnating wages, as growth is considered more important.

I know nothing about this particular coop though, I'm just not very optimistic about the idea of economic growth in general :-)

I guess the proposed replication by franchising gives an alternative means for increasing the number of folks working for cleaning coops, without any coop having to grow very big. As the workers are in control of each coop, if growing creates a need for pay sapping bureaucracy they can chose not to do so, or to shrink again (maybe split into two?)

The kind of economic growth I like to see is growth in the proportion of the economy thats under democratic control.

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