tech is no more the enemy of the worker than the plow. it is not the yoke but they who put it upon you that must be defeated!

the luddites did not destroy machines in opposition to machinery itself but to those owners that used the machinery to impoverish and immiserate the people ✊️


'The group was protesting against the use of machinery in a "fraudulent and deceitful manner" to get around standard labour practices.'

Well, it checks out upon cursory research, so I'm calling that a solid "probationary fact" in my head now. ^_^

(And thank you, because I was under the impression "luddites" were literally trying to just keep machines from being used at all.)

@sydneyfalk that’s the propaganda line bosses put in the history books πŸ˜›

@garbados @sydneyfalk

And so, Wikipedia followed them. Wipedia ask for notorious sources, but in most cases, propaganda (famous) newspaper are used as sources.

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