@dazinism @douginamug thanks! I was even planning to be at least 100 miles within London at that time. Have to see how it fits with other schedules.

I don't quite have a firm grasp of what OFN is doing yet. Maybe that helps me know.

@dazinism @nicksellen @douginamug

Wow! I'm so impressed. I've used a lot of different platforms to manage my farm and farming co-op in the past, and this one seems to have addressed a lof of the issues I had with UI and functionality .



For software resources for farms & food projects you should also have a good look around at solidbase.info

Our own @yova works on the project
@nicksellen @douginamug

@dazinism @emi @yova @nicksellen @douginamug

The openfoodnetwork people have been talking to the solidbase people, as well with datafoodconsortium.org

They all do different and probably complementary things. Something new and amazing might emerge...

@bhaugen @dazinism @emi @yova @nicksellen Wow, thanks for the information! Very inspiring projects. Unfortunately won't make the hack weekend, but would love to.

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