I want a deployment platform for apps that operates as a user-owned cooperative rather than as a privately-owned, for-profit enterprise, but I'm not aware of anything in the space operating that way. Open-source platform systems like Flynn are the closest, but to me part of the value prop is in centralizing expertise while distributing risk, and open source doesn't scratch that itch.

Given what I know about group consensus and decisions, I feel like I might be able to help found just such a cooperative - but I don't know who else is interested.

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@elplatt @wlonk Been chewing on this since I posted it. Couple of threads, still in need of development:

* Coherent platforms are sold based on their ability to add value, and monetized aggressively against a fear of future commoditization, leading to inflated costs relative to what could be done.
* Centralizing operational expertise is a valuable thing, but the structure of most businesses blunts accountability towards a platform's users & ability to understand feedback

@elplatt @wlonk My hypo is that a democratic organization of users could operate a platform, delegating the work based on expertise, funding the underlying pieces & peoples' time and energy through membership fees. I've got some personal prefs around the structure of that organization - I think the classic board-of-governors model isn't necessarily a good fit - but I want to bounce this off more people before I really flesh them out.



Also into this kind of thing

Not sure exactly what you thinking, a few things about that may be worth looking at-

Co-ops based around mastodon instances -

darkpeak.org (also does other stuff)

Other stuff-
diglife.com - coop that researches, develops, funds and supports Tech We Trust

ecobytes.net - Non-profit, community-supported and -oriented IT collective for hosting & services
@elplatt @wlonk

@dazinism @elplatt @wlonk Extremely here for this. Thank you. I had also been looking at miraheze, which isn't quite a co-op but could be turned into one with some political nudges.

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