Real talk.

I think I'm going to actively work to just not support Chromium-based browsers in my personal site in the future as a form of protest. Firefox is free, faster and can run in a lot of environments.

There's also Falkon, Epiphany, Beaker, GNOME Web and other Web browsers. We need to stop using them; stop supporting them and stop giving them what they want: US.



I'm not sure if many androids use it yet but think it'll become increasingly common for them to use monochrome- where the chrome app also provides the webview (saves having to have a whole load of code duplicated on the device)

Disabling chrome in these cases also disables the webview and is likely to break a whole load of unexpected apps (eg. I was surprised loads of bits of K9 mail didn't work with webview disabled) also my WiFi turned on & the UI to turn it off didn't work!

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