I'm dropping a whole wiki tonight with the design of my offgrid zero-battery solar powered fridge.


happy holidays!

@joeyh Cool!

Thought about peanut oil? M.p. 3C, density 0.91 g/ml (Sure, it's less than water, but not terrible.)

I've experimented with it but not at scale..

The supposed peanut oil I bought at the grocery store actually seemed to freeze at around 6.3C, though my experimental setup was basic.


@joeyh @douginamug

Oil melt point is variable

Oils are made up of different fatty acids that have different melt points

Plant variety & growing conditions effect the proportions of different FAs

Methods used to extract the oil also effects the amount of different FAs

Oils are sometimes further processed to give desired properties

Eg. rape seed cooking oil is winterized (cold filtered) to take out any FAs that would solidify in a fridge as cloudy oil in a fridge is apparently disturbing

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