It's my impression that most mastodon instances are operated under the "benevolent dictator" model, but is that the case? Is there a survey of the instances and how they govern themselves?

@cstanhope i understand that more or less is the same for every service that you do not run yourself. I'm a guest i have to respect the rules of the owner/,manager/admin , if i don't like the rules i need to find another place . At least they are benevolent :-)



On mastodon there is that was inspired by social coop.

Outside mastodon theres a few platforms run by cooperatives of user/owners.

Plus there are which have set up platforms for use of their members, but where the purpose isnt the platform.
eg. - its also open to people who are not in the member coops (its a coop of coops). So for them is a benevolent dictator.

@dazinism @cstanhope thanks , that looks pretty interesting, it's nice to see those kind of associations permeating in the social web . I'll have a look.

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