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I'm involved in this project to create a commons around growing food.

The plan is to grow stuff that can be easily stored so that we dont have to live close to where the crops are grown and so that we can potentially provide a significant part of our diet.

Not everyone would be involved with their hands in the dirt, but together we'd organise and arrange the production.

Want to find out more?

great! I'm not in the UK, nor have I resources for the moment, but just wanting to share with you this plattform, as it might be usefull to you:

I guess you know #olio. That foodsharing plattform. Though they are until know only focused on rescuing food, but engaging together with them to move towards growing food could have a large impact, as it would impact all their members/users.

@paulfree14 @dazinism Hey! Sounds good, I'm not in the UK at the minute, but I was involved in the Edinburgh scene a couple years back: The Newleaf is a workers coop, Whitmuir is a nearby organic farm and there are active Foodsharing and Food Not Bombs initiatives... you've got allies there.

Have you hearding of Farmhack by the way? perhaps of interest.

What does it mean for you to make a Commons out of interest?



Working with others I presented a biochar making rocket stove
and launched SoilHack
at the first UK Farm Hack 😃

By I'm thinking being involved in the governance/stewardship of, (and if you chose activities on) a bit/bits of land growing trees & food focused on growing produce for our own use. Selling or otherwise distributing surplus. @paulfree14

@dazinism Oh cool! #farmHack is awesome, thanks for contributing.

I'm interested in the idea. Have you read 'Governing the Commons'? Ostrom beautifully describes how several communities ingeniously devised bespoke and self-reinforcing systems for woodland commons.

I've joined that Loomio thread. I'll be back in the UK in July/early August. Perhaps we can meet?

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