it's going to be extremely interesting when the first mass social movement successfully launches its own coin. imagine if BLM had bootstrapped a new economy like ETH or BTC

♻️ funkwhale introduces enhanced federation with itself…

Another milestone today: #funkwhale channels can now successfully federate with other Funkwhale pods…

Here again, sounds like an obvious feature, but up until now, my efforts were focused on federation with other platforms like Mastodon or Friendica.

While federation with other non-Funkwhale software is pretty basic (typically, the Audio activity is converted to a Note with a link to the Funkwhale page), federation with other Funkwhale pods is much deeper!

More information is federated, like the track duration, size, bitrate, the album/podcast serie if any, the track license, etc.

Also, it's not limited to Funkwhale but this merge request also ensure deletion of tracks, albums and channels is broadcasted over the federation, and handled properly when received by Funkwhale.

@Jon_Envisioneer at work: helping align the product and engineering with SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs. at home: learning to become a dad. outside of those: housing as a right, medicare for all, self care, and gardening/arboriculture.

Learned about I'm an engineer at and soon to be father. I'm interesting in and

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