you're reading that right - boom box levels are at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

New NFT things: , (on blue bird @BabySongbirds ).

Don't buy them: it infringes my moral right ( and they added CC-By compliance just now after fans noticed.

You can collect same pictures here for free with better quality:

Illustrations I've made for Mobilizon: a free/libre federated tool to publish your events, your pages, your information… and to focus on organizing your group. The version 2 has just been released 👍
#ccby #krita

Maybe, just maybe, some day the "powers that be" will stop relying on centralized walled gardens controlled by private corporations for the purpose of data exploitation?

You have to shenan before you can shenanigan.

facebook and fascism (uspol) 

Yet another reason leftists should not organize on facebook/instagram and probably should just not have accounts on those services at all: stop helping the cops.

US cops are using facebook graph (friends and activity) data to do predictive policing. Given these are US cops, this means policing of bipoc and leftists. Only the FBI takes any steps to police the violent right.

@brainblasted depends on your needs. If you don't need large groups or to penetrate corporate firewalls, then you can use peer-to-peer connections over WebRTC so you don't have to pay the bandwidth. Then you just need a really basic server to do some light connection handshaking.

Small business association: "No we don't loan money to small businesses. Don't be ridiculous. That would be a government handout. What we do is give free money to rich people so that they can loan it to you."

I'm excited to talk about my experience incorporating programming tools (markup languages, git, and custom programs) into my dissertation workflow at @archeo_FOSS tomorrow!

Due to modern technology I'll be presenting bright and early (8am EDT), at the end of the conference day (14:00 CET)

If you're interested in the intersection of FOSS, Digital Humanities, and cultural heritage, find more info here:

@shoofle that's funny I do the opposite. My tendencies are far to the anarchist side, but I will gladly take up the tankie mantle in any debate with a chud

folks let's all sit down and have a nice "rap" about the REAL block chain: the chain we use to lock the factory doors when we're on strike!

here are all the true facts I know about the US:

- Portland is a city that exists simultaneously at three different locations, but you never know where

- There's no cities in Texas, it's just Texas.

- California, especially the golden gate bridge, is constantly being destroyed by aliens or monsters or Magneto.

- the US has it's own moon and its fake

- George Washington cut down a cherry tree once and that's why Washington D.C stands for Washington District of Cherries

- the heartland is full of violent groups of armed horses on motor bikes

- there is one man in Florida, he is unstoppable.

@toydragon that's an economy 2.0 word. in economy 3.0 we call them innovationholder-contentorators. which is the same as employee except they don't get paid

heads up to cool.dads and all other awesome caregivers #OnHere -- @datatitian has restarted the Guppe Groups platform, and has created a parenting group at @parenting

The fastest 45 minutes in the world are those of an infant's nap @parenting

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