Just incredible software design here. Windows 11 requires that you connect to WiFi before it will let you go to the desktop to install your WiFi drivers. The official MS documentation says what you should do in this case is manually install the drivers from usb + command prompt

🤔It's like they were nostalgic for the 90s, what's next hand coding an entry in config.sys?

@datatitian Jesus. That's like Linux when I first started using it ten years ago when you had to use an ethernet connection to download broadcom drivers (or get them via a USB stick).

@datatitian Another example about how FAANG do only what's in their best interest, not that of their users

Øystein Sunde actually has a song about this 😅

@datatitian back when i switched to linux in May 2021 there really was no point in switching for me other than windows updates and sheer boredom.

that is starting to change.

@neXtTech @datatitian I first switched when I noticed the laptop actually works on tails, and stayed because windows is pain and bothers me.

@neXtTech @datatitian

I switched in 2020 just from the couriosity, because was using Linux on server for some time. Now when I try to use Windows I see cuts everywhere and become annoyed very quickly.

It's beyond getting "used to", switching my work from Linux to Windows will make me feel the downgrade like switching from Windows to Android on PC.

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