Lol. Owned.

But also check in out this webcomic about Google Chrome tracking and lack of privacy

Hat tip to @sl007


I saw it. Then I shared it, but accidentally only at bird
forgive me

But first shared it directly to "Dana Fried", a Chrome dev. who was hating about the mastodon hype.
Feeding the troll, you know.
Then we blocked each other :)

@datatitian @sl007

This is a nice read, but this page is a bit odd:

Since when are companies not political entities!?

@wmd @sl007

Whoops I posted this before I got to that last chapter. Ahh yes, atomized consumer choice is both the cause and solution to all of our problems. No need to talk to you neighbors or to think about power.

I guess that dig on liberals was actually a self-own by the author

@datatitian @wmd

Exactly about “Consumer Choice”:

I was missing 1 of my main criticisms of Chrome and it is called “registerProtocolHandler”.

The Chrome team is main-influential to decide what Protocols are trustworthy for the users.

Think of, what mailto: does
After that came geo: and tel:
Both are probably very nice for a closed Android-Ecosystem.
What else is there?
The baked in “google account”?

ActivityPub is a W3C recommendation, Android is not.

Now think of, what "activitypub": could do.
You store your handles in the browser once and never have to enter it manually when e.g. replying to other instances. You could sync your bookmarks and it would be just you and not google etc.
Now there is “registerProtocolHandler” which is the Recommendation that the Dev/User can register protocols.
But it is easy to let people not use it if you do the worst design decisions like a nearly white icon in a white address bar.

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