What is an NFT? It stands for "Nice, free treasures!" and it's a celebration of post-scarcity in the online realm. Once a work of digital art has been created (and the artist duly compensated for their labor), it can be reproduced infinitely at negligible cost.

⚠️ Beware of scams: some people are attempting to charge money for NFTs but they are FREE treasures ⚠️

Working on a free generative art avatar project for @immersspace , the @activitypub app for 3D worlds. Immers Space has an avatar collection system based on activities and copying instead of blockchain and exclusivity. The project will be at

@datatitian I thought it stood for "non-fungible tokens", and focus more on the sale of a proof-of-ownership license than the art itself, which people mad about the screenshotting of #NFT items don't understand

foul language 

@datatitian I prefer the term started by Jim Stephanie Sterling, "Nasty Fucking Things".

More representative of what they are.

@datatitian ITYM nice, free trash. It's digital dumpster diving, right?

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