users, the server won't restart.


Does anyone voting for recovery happen to be a talented sysadmin? The issue is mongodb service won't start. I tried a mongod --repair, but it failed

@datatitian I have no eggs in this basket but I could potentially help you debug the system. First step is to dig up all the relevant logs and get the actual error at play so someone can diagnose the issue.

Worst case scenario you can always just restore from your hourly/daily backups. If you dont have those you probably shouldnt be running any service publicly until you learn how to do so safely for your users sake.

@datatitian (having voted for recovery myself, and being unable to help with this, just wanna say you can count my vote towards delete everything if it's difficult. But it'd be nice if you could recreate imgcaptionspls@ after that, even without any past data, it's a nice group to have around.)

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