users, the server won't restart.

Silver lining for the clean slate: development has been paralyzed because I need to upgrade it to the new activitypub back end I wrote, activitypub-express, but I've been putting it off because it would require writing a difficult database migration to preserve the existing groups

Does anyone voting for recovery happen to be a talented sysadmin? The issue is mongodb service won't start. I tried a mongod --repair, but it failed

@datatitian Considering something else seems to have gone wrong earlier on (I seem to not be following any of the groups anymore, and my Mastodon server logs rejected activities on them), starting from scratch probably won't make it much worse.
(Though I don't know which order of additional federation problems that would create with stale data on all the other instances that knew about the old groups...)

@datatitian there are a lot of groups people made over the last few years and it would be sad to see them all killed. I wish we thought about more permanence when designing fedi apps. the amount of stuff that is so fragile here is sorta frightening.

@datatitian I have no eggs in this basket but I could potentially help you debug the system. First step is to dig up all the relevant logs and get the actual error at play so someone can diagnose the issue.

Worst case scenario you can always just restore from your hourly/daily backups. If you dont have those you probably shouldnt be running any service publicly until you learn how to do so safely for your users sake.

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