@mdhughes I currently get the impression that gup.pe has been shut down: I used to follow a couple of groups, but currently my Mastodon claims I don't, and all the associated toots seem to be gone.

@galaxis Well, just minutes ago I could read the group's data, but now I can't. Probably stale cache.

UH, I dunno what to do now.

@mdhughes Last connections from gup.pe in my Mastodon web server log have been about two weeks ago, and I have outgoing connection errors since Sep 21... But something must have been wrong before already (maybe they rerolled the group accounts or something), since the last mention I see in my mastodon log is a rejected activity for a group I used to follow:

Sep 17 06:52:15 mastodon bundle[111]: Rejected Announce activity gup.pe/s/61443b0a3ffaa972d9d50 from gup.pe/u/retrocomputing

@mdhughes Someone created an issue on Github half an hour ago: github.com/wmurphyrd/guppe/iss

The author used to be active on the Fediverse too, but I really have no idea who it might have been now I don't have the posts from the old guppegroups group anymore.


@mdhughes @galaxis well the server crashed for only the second time in two years, but now mongodb won't start

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