We made it! Immers Space is a real cooperative. With guidance from @camille and Sarah Kaplan, we've got a great model for shared power between workers-owners, users, and creators in the metaverse, and we even got to organize under Illinois's new Worker Coop law. We can now, as @ntnsndr likes to say, "show us your bylaws"

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Looks nice and comes at a good time for me. I look forward to those creator memberships opening up 👍(aka, @50htz)
@camille @ntnsndr

@yaaps @50htz @camille @ntnsndr

Awesome! We'll be opening membership soon, just working out some final logistics

@datatitian @camille @ntnsndr
That's awesome. I know you've been busy with a new family member, and I've dropped projects for less, so it's just promising to see the needle moving

I'm committed to first class social features in games. I'm having difficulty getting either of the graphic designers I work with to commit to designing for VR, but I've been building connections on leftbook in hopes of having access to talent to be able to build an anchor application for such a platform. As I mentioned before, I'm more interested in having a platform than building it, so this is really exciting

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