Sucks that crytpo has completely co-opted the term "decentralized"

Guess I'll just only use "federated" from now on for discussing @activitypub

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I feel we can get the term back, and we need to. I don't want crypto to win on this. Because its not just about what we do on our Web network it's underneath. Plus I feel in Europe when folks use the term decentralized they explicitly don't mean the crypto. But then I am working with a project that wants to use IPv6 multicast to decentralize the Internet. And it's not by using blockchain 😏

We are also on here as a project on Mastodon @librecast. I've marked it as a bot for the moment, but I check it regularly and look after the account. We are very happy that @NGIZero took us in.

@datatitian @activitypub
Even worse. Cryptocoins has stolen the word crypto. "Everybody" is talking about crypto these days, but no one means GPG, TLS and other encryption schemes.

@datatitian @activitypub it's ok, let's distinguish p2p protocols (like SSB/Manyverse) from federated ones (activitypub)

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