@datatitian still no idea how, see odd phenomena, like it freezing only from one side. the profile of the ice seems to match the opposing side..

@jasper @datatitian just in case your question was not sarcastic: this video is obviously going back (and not forward) in time

@jasper @silmathoron sorry Jasper! I totally thought you were in on the joke πŸ˜…

That's fascinating! I never knew that although I lived there for several years.

@datatitian cool! Is that a time lapse over what period?

@pganssle on second look, that's not downtown Chicago. Somewhere else in Chicago though

@datatitian Is this post a joke? At least some people are being misled... this is a reversed playback of the original video, which showed a sheet of ice breaking off and drifting away. You can notice that the shadows would indicate the sun rising from the west and setting in the east (over Lake Michigan) if the video were unedited, but in fact it is edited.

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